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Getting Organized
How to talk to Seniors about Moving
Moving Companies  How to save money
Moving During a difficult time  Tips to help you get through a bad move
Moving during the holidays
Tips to help teens move
Spousal/Partner Relocating: How to Cope with the Move
Reduce Moving Stress - How to have a calmer move
Preparing Kids to Move
Packing Tips
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Tel:    011 025 1151
Unpacking Plan- Just like with packing, have a
plan for unpacking. Otherwise you’re likely to
end up frustrated with a sea of half-opened
boxes with your necessities still “missing in
Prioritize Rooms- Focus on “Open Me First”
boxes in the bathrooms and kitchen first.
Trash and Recyclable Boxes- Keep at least one
trash bag (for the real trash) and one large
emptied box (to hold used packing paper and
biodegradable “peanuts”) available in each room BEFORE you start the heavy unpacking.
Time Limits- Set an objective of unpacking a certain number of boxes each day until all the boxes are all unpacked

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