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Packing Tips
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Tel:    011 478 7176  / 079 498 0585
Packing Tips

Recommended Supplies:

Furniture Pads
Bubble WrapR?
Packing Tarps
Mattress Bag
Box tape/tape dispenser
Work Gloves
Newspaper/wrapping paper
Scissors/pocket knife
Small tool kit
Sandwich bags (to hold appliance/furniture hardware)

Packing with Care

The key to a successful move is packing your items with care. You’ll find the minor expense of
buying quality packing supplies worth your while – especially when you consider the cost of
repairing or replacing broken and damaged belongings.

General Packing

Packing as much as you can into every box helps protect your items – less space to move around
means less damage. Plus, boxes are easier to load than unusual shaped items not packed in
Start packing a few weeks before your move date and take it one room at a time. Start with
packing the things you use less frequently – such as books and knick knacks – and save packing
the “every day” items until the end.
Pack each room in separate boxes and label each box with its contents.
Reinforce the bottom of all boxes with packing tape. Fill each box to its capacity, using paper or
fillers to eliminate empty spaces. The top and sides of each box shouldn’t bulge or cave in when
Packing heavy items in small boxes keeps the weight of the boxes at a manageable level. This is
especially helpful when you’re packing books.
Leave light weight linens and clothing in their drawers.
Packing extra linens, pillows and stuffed animals in large garbage bags is a great idea! These bags
can be used as cushions or fillers in your moving trailer or ReloCube.
Disassemble any items you can. Be aware of items with sharp corners or projections and keep
them from puncturing or scratching other objects.
Pack your valuables and essentials separately and plan on keeping these items with you.

Packing Furniture

Wrap furniture with furniture pads or Bubble Wrap. When securing padding to your furniture, do
not use tape directly on wood or painted surfaces.
Remove legs from furniture if possible. Place wing nuts or screws in envelopes or plastic bags and
tape to the underside of furniture.
Coat fine wood furnishings with wax to protect against scratches.
Place sofa cushions and pillows in bags to use as pads or fillers in the moving trailer or ReloCube.
Move dressers with contents in drawers to avoid packing again. Secure drawers to keep from
opening during transit.
Consider hiring a specialist for packing and loading a piano.

Packing Electronics

Whenever possible use the original shipping boxes for packing computers, printers and other
electronic items. You might even consider double boxing. Follow manufacturers instructions for
packing these items when available.
Immobilize moving parts and remove all detachable cables and wires. Colour code or label wiring
for easier re installation. Tape electrical cords to back of appliance to prevent plug damage. Wrap
each piece with Bubble Wrap.
Consider keeping items like CDs and software with you. These items do not survive high

Packing Major Appliances

Clean and dry all appliances at least 24 hours before your move date.
Consider using empty space in your appliances to move lightweight or crushable items.
Remove broiler pan and racks from your oven. Tape burners or coil elements to the top of your
stove and tape down all knobs.
Disconnect and empty all washing machine hoses and store them inside the machine. Immobilize
the tub with a brace or by placing towels between the tub and sidewall.
Tape electrical cords to each appliance and tape all doors and lids closed.

Packing Dishes and Glassware

Wrap breakables in Bubble Wrap and use newspaper to fill extra spaces in boxes.
Pack plates in dish protectors and pack them on their edges in dish pack boxes.
Consider using pot holders and dish towels to cushion the bottom and sides of your boxes.
Wrap fine silver in cloth or silver paper.

Packing Lamps and Decor

Packing bulbs and shades in sturdy cartons labeled “fragile” will protect them from breakage.
Wrap each wall hanging individually with Bubble Wrap, furniture pads, or towels. Pack flat items
on their edges.
For large mirrors or pictures, cover both sides with Bubble Wrap and heavy cardboard, and bind
with tape.

Packing Lawn and Garage Items

Drain all gasoline and oil from lawn mowers, weed eaters, chain saws and other equipment.
Strap long garden tools together into a bundle. Pack heavy power tools into small sturdy boxes
and fill spaces with newspaper.
Poisonous, flammable and corrosive items cannot be shipped. Please see the moving list for a list
of items that fall into this category.

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