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6 Key Stages When you Move Office

How long will it take to move office?

How much will it cost to move office?

Commercial Property Agent

Legal Costs

Office Fit out

IT and Telecommunications

Office Removals

Every office relocation is different and the length of time it takes to move office depends on many factors. These include the size of the company, the complexities of lease negotiations and office space construction.

But before any of this begins, you will need to understand the timeframes and costs involved when you move office.

How long will it take to move office?

Firstly, you will need to establish the key dates that will determine the likely timeframe of your office move. Use a Move Office Timetable to ensure that all aspects of the office relocation dovetail appropriately - leading right up to the day you actually move office. Planning ahead will enable you to make informed choices about your office move and give you enough time for you to negotiate the best deals.

There are 6 key stages when you move office: -
Identifying & viewing properties
Agreeing lease terms
Legal advice
Office Design & Fit out
IT & Telecoms Infrastructure
The Physical move

Each key stage of the office relocation project will require the expertise of Move Office professionals to ensure the best possible outcome for your office move. Experience clearly shows that companies that engage professional help when they move office not only avoid mistakes but also save money over the term of the new lease.

How much will it cost to move office?

After people costs, property costs are the next biggest expenditure for most companies and an office relocation - whilst potentially getting you into better, cheaper and more appropriate office space - is going to be one of the more expensive projects that your business will undertake.
As soon as the decision to move office has been taken, you will need to establish a Move Office Budget. Creating a realistic Move Office Budget (and being able to stick to it!) is a crucial part of your office relocation planning. It will help you keep track of your costs and manage them throughout the move office process. Your Move Office Budget will influence the location of your new office, its size and facilities. It will also determine how much you can spend on office design and any new IT and telecoms infrastructure you need.

When planning an office move, it is advisable to get cost comparisons and estimates from Move Office professionals. The Moving Office Guide lists 3 companies for each business type so you can get a range of quotes and agree an appropriate and fair price that suits your move office budget.

To give you a better understanding of what advice and services that relate to moving office should cost, the details below are a guideline: -

Commercial Property Agent - A Property Agent will find you the most suitable office space and then negotiate the best financial terms on your behalf. Their fees are usually based on a percentage of the annual rent.

Legal Costs - This includes search fees, Land Registry titles, and stamp duty, as well as fees incurred by your Property Solicitor. A Property Solicitor is essential in protecting your company’s interest in all legal documentation when you move office.

Office Fit out - Office fit-out encompasses everything from the space planning, interior design, project management, fitting out & furnishing of your new office. All of the above require consultation with and costings from an experienced Office Fit out company.

IT and Telecommunications - this incorporates the management of your entire communications infrastructure when you move office. Your new office may require new network cabling, additional phone and ISDN lines or even a dedicated server room. IT & Telecoms Consultants will ensure you have all this covered and more importantly, make sure all your systems are re-connected and ready-to-go on that first morning in your new office.

Office Removals - the actual physical move of your office relocation can be the most challenging aspect when you move office. Choosing the right Office Removals Company to look after your office move is a crucial element of making sure that you are fully operational in your new office on time, to budget and with everything in the right place. Their cost will depend on the detailed logistics of your office move and how much office furniture you have.
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